Raffi Asdourian is the senior writer for the popular movie website The Film Stage and a member of CriticWire. He has also written five feature length screenplays and developed several TV show concepts. Traces is set to be the first to go into production. Below are mock posters and log lines for the five screenplays.

After finding his brother shot dead, a young man sets out to track down his killer, only to find that he is embedded in an underground experiment involving human cloning and nanotechnology. 10 page sample.

Jubei, a legendary samurai trapped in Hell for five hundred years, returns to modern day Tokyo as a demon to seek revenge on the evil mage who imprisoned him and murdered his family. 10 page sample.

A family is forced into out of their homes to trek through the country, after soldiers inform them of dangers of an oncoming war and their duty to take them to safety. Visit the official website to learn more.

A love story about a medical student and a Pathologist who fall in love in Paris after discovering they share similarly morbid sexual fantasies.

After the suicide of his close friend, film student Amir sets out to make a conspiratorial movie about the events of September 11th only to find himself trapped in a dire situation by a woman who lost someone in the attack.