I Cannes Do It

As you can tell from my previous post, it's been a big year for me and film festivals. Getting to attend two of the most prestigious cinematic congregations (Sundance and Cannes) in one year is truly an honor and I am grateful the knowledge and friendships gained. As I head to the shores of the south of France, I'm thrilled to be covering the films participating in the festival as coverage for The Film Stage. However in addition to my duties as movie critic, I'll also be doing some shameless self promotion and pitching for two feature length scripts I'm bringing to show producers, financiers, execs and people who own yachts.

I'll be launching two new micro sites for each feature concept in the weeks to come and hope to garner some interest with my endeavors at the festival. Since this would be my debut feature, I'm trying to keep costs for production low and thus appetizing for potential interest. When I return to NYC, the plan is to start filming a teaser for one of the projects and then begin crowd-funding for my first feature film. Today, as I embark to the airport, I'm releasing two teaser images for each film, Traces and Desolation. Big thanks to Jake Tapia and Lauren Turbowitz for helping make these look really awesome. So stay tuned for both reviews of the films at Cannes and news about my next major film project!